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About Our Services

We provide telehealth services for individuals of all ages, couples, and families. Services are sought for a variety of reasons, including stress management, relationship concerns, school or work concerns, depression, anxiety, trauma, adjustment difficulties, goal management, and so on.

We use a holistic approach, which encompasses all aspects of a person's life. Rather than treating just the symptoms, this approach looks deeper and tries to uncover underlying causes. This allows us to focus on the connections between mind, body, & spirit.


Statement of Inclusivity

We understand the importance of being culturally competent providers and we are dedicated to facilitating mental health treatment, education, and awareness while using an inclusive lens.


Not only is it important to explore individual differences, but we recognize the need to be aware of historical and current structural systems of inequality.

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Benefits of Telehealth

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Research has supported telehealth as a feasible, effective, and safe alternative to in-office visits. Telehealth may also be of particular benefit to couples/families interested in relationship counseling, as it addresses some of the barriers that may be more prominent for families, such as childcare and scheduling difficulties. Research has further shown benefits to telehealth in that clients are able to choose their environment, which increases feelings of comfort and security.


There are several barriers for individuals seeking and engaging in counseling, including practical concerns such as driving distance, cost, and inflexible schedules, as well as psychological barriers such as perceived stigma or safety concerns. Telehealth is a way to decrease these barriers to care.

We provide telehealth counseling in Illinois for individuals of all ages, couples, and families.

We accept insurance and self-pay options.

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